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Pre-Licensing Program

Our program typically takes about 9 months to 1 year from start to finish. It is entirely up to the student to choose their pace within the Level 2 Hands-On Clinical Phase which is available in our clinic. The more time invested to the Level 2 Program  the faster the finish. 

Level 1 Academic Phase (150 hours): Pre-Clinical

Level 1 prepares students for  the Level 2 hands-on supervised massage practice and the Continuing Education part of the Internship Program.

Anatomy-Physiology-Structural Kinesiology (50 hours): Coursework includes:

  - Anatomy: The basic structure concepts of the human body

  - Physiology: Function of the body systems relating to health, palpation, assessment skills

  - Structural Kinesiology: muscular and mechanical body movement and activity.                         

  • SPRING: February 17th, 2018 - Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday
  • SUMMER: Dates to be determined
  • WINTER: Dates to be determined

Theory & demonstration of massage therapy (100 hours)

Theory & Demonstration of Swedish massage, is the proper procedure in massaging which concerns the protection of both client and massage therapist. Record keeping (clinical notes); Hygiene. Draping. Techniques for specific conditions.  Contraindications of massage techniques according to specific conditions.  Assessment of the client's condition &  the general techniques to be applied. Ethics.

Level 2 Hands-on Supervised Massage with record keeping (420 hours)

This  420 hours apprenticeship training program, shall be completed  in not less than 6 months & not more than 12 months. This is a minimum of 6 months supervised hands-on massage therapy.  Big Island Academy of Massage provides real life experience running a Massage Clinic  & working with the public, thus offering the student  310 hours of supervised hands on massage practice on a daily basis.  We also offer Advanced Classes in Massage.  Sporting events & outreach programs, including the Yearly Hawaii “Ironman Triathalon"

It shall include the following Clinical Operations:

  • 70 hours: Clinical Operations
    • 30 hours: Sanitation (ie. application of Department of Health regulations, linens, towels)
    • 30 hours: Business Office procedures - (ie. answering phone, taking appointments, client rapport)
    • 10 hours: Record keeping  (client records)
  • 40 hours: Advanced techniques
    • 20 hours: Observation of classroom instructors
    • 20 hours: Consulting
  • 310 hours: Hands on supervised massage with record keeping

This apprenticeship does not apply to all persons who are not licensed in this State.

Big Island Academy of Massage also accept students that may have received approved training at  other school in Hawaii or the Mainland.    If you have accumulated massage training hours or licenses from another state and have questions about transferring your hours to obtain a Hawaii State Massage license, click here.

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