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I attended the Big Island Academy of Massage, from 9/04 to 5/05. My experience there was very good. Not only did I learn very much about the art of massage, but I also learned a lot about myself.

We started with just learning the basic technicalities of Swedish massage. We worked on body mechanics, strokes, and just getting comfortable with touching and massaging bodies. We then learned an extensive amount of anatomy, which really helped with becoming familiar with what we were massaging.

Level II really helped us excel with becoming familiar with clients, massage as a career, and the business aspect of it. The Big Island Academy of Massage is excellent for anyone who wishes to become a massage therapist and wants to work ina friendly, welcoming environment. I would recommend it to anyone.


With gratitude, I would like to say that my experience at the Big Island Academy of Massage has been wonderful.  I have really enjoyed all of the people I have met along the way, the instructors and fellow students, lots of fun people.  I also appreciate the time we had in level 2, to practice and trade with the staff of licensed therapists and other students.  This was very helpful to get comfortable with specific techniques before applying them on the public.
After finishing the school program, I have the skills and confidence that I need to start my career as a professional massage therapist.

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